Want to buy Always Dry products and don’t know how? Or maybe you need a little help with how to apply the products? Read through our FAQ’s below.

Is this coating only for vehicles?

Our ceramic coating is not only just for vehicles. It has been designed and developed as a surface coating for many markets. If you feel there is a market for this product within your business, please contact us via info@

Can be used on but not limited to:

Painted surface

Gel coated finishes








Two pack painted surface

Household surfaces

Commercial Kitchens

Can I be a dealer, distributor or installer?

We are looking for dealers/distributors/installers such as yourself. We would love to have you on board. For wholesale/distributor pricing structure, please fill out our form and provide us detailed information about your company/personal background as well as your contact info including name, phone and email address. We look forward to hearing from you.

How is it applied?

The ceramic is applied by hand. It is too thick to apply via machine.

What's involved in the vehicle application process?

The first stage is a snow foam wash to clean the surface; then we move to clay barring the whole vehicle surface including the glass to remove any contaminates from the surface which washing did not.

The entire vehicle is hand and machine dried, then moved to the next stage of surface refinishing. This is where the vehicle’s paint is worked on to remove scratches, swirls, paint fade and rejuvenate the shine. This is done with a buffing machine using multiple pads along with precise cutting and finishing compounds.

The next step is to wipe the whole vehicle down using isopropyl alcohol to remove all surface contaminants left over from waxes and polishes.

Now that the vehicle is ready to be coated, the ceramic is applied in a 2foot by 2foot section at a time by hand using a small microfibre application pad. After each section is hand applied it is polished to a glossy shine by hand using a microfiber towel.

The coating is now dry to touch, and the car can be driven away by yourself. The full effect of the coating can take up to 48hrs to cure. You can still drive and use the vehicle at this time.

How thick is it?

4-5 Microns thick. Made up of more than 60% Silica.

Can you coat a used vehicle?

Yes we can coat any vehicle new or used.

Our coating agent will prep your vehicle to remove all possible scratches, swirls ect then decontaminate the surface prior to applying the ceramic coating.

What makes our product better than others?

We are not claiming we are better than them. But there are a few significant differences. The biggest difference is curing time.

Ours is by far the quickest.

Ours has the same effect with a higher contact angle making it super hydrophobic.

What we are doing is bringing ceramic coatings more main stream, it’s not just for high-end vehicles. We made the application simple, still careful, but easy enough that anyone can be trained to apply it. All of our competitors have so much red tape around anyone purchasing and applying.

We will train you on proper application methods.

Our drying time is seconds. It is tack free within minutes. It becomes fully cured in 48 hours. The vehicle can be driven immediately after applied and hand polished.

No more waiting hours or days without your vehicle until the process is finalised.

Our product actually works, and it is not an insurance policy. Ask us, and we will be happy to demo for you.

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