How to wash your PWC (Personal Water Craft)

How to wash your PWC

Do you have a PWC?

Its a pleasure craft you have invested in so you should be taking care of it.

Jetski paint protection

Once a PWC is coated, it takes very little time to wash and have it back to showroom condition ready for your next run.

Saltwater along with river and dams are harsh environments for your PWC. The water etches the PWC finish and can cause damage to its looks, in turn, lowers the value of your investment.

By coating your PWC it will dramatically reduce the time and energy you need to spend to maintain it. The PWC becomes superhydrophobic and resistant to water etching once it has been coated in Always Dry 9H LDC Extreme.

Short clip created on how to wash your PWC

In this short clip, we show you how simple it is to care for your PWC once its coated.

Click to watch our how to video!

We recommend using a ceramic safe wash for your cleaning.

Ceramic Safe Wash Kit

Always Dry Wash Kit

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