Our advanced nano technology makes every surface complete

Always Dry is a leading brand in Car Care Products, we intend to provide a better opportunity to automotive and marine craft drivers through enhanced paint protection and car care products. We offer products modified with the help of nano technology for better durability, shine and protection. Our products are designed with the purpose of taking care of the interior as well as the exterior features of any automotive and marine craft. Advanced ceramic paint protection is now here.

Let us change the perception of the automotive and marine craft industry by using long-term, yet advanced paint protection methods. Purchase with confidence in a product that works and is not an insurance policy.

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Always Dry
Paint Protection with Super hydrophobic effect & quickest curing time.

Experience world class treatments, both the interior and exterior will exhibit an extraordinary radiance and lustre. A vehicle or marine craft is usually the second largest expense one will incur during one’s lifetime. Unfortunately, it is a massively depreciating asset that is quite expensive, to begin with, so protecting one’s new asset is essential.

Nothing compares to the dramatic, flawless shine of a brand new paint finish. But in reality, it rarely lasts. When a vehicle looks older – more scratched and worn out –than it actually is, both pride and resale value are lost. A high quality and durable paint protection absorbs the damage that would typically be caused directly on the paint. Thus, the paint of the vehicle stays protected and will retain its value longer.

However, not all car care product paint protections are the same. Protectants on the market today offer only some or limited amount of protection and do not provide lasting shine without a 3-6 month reapplication. A product that protects from bird droppings, UV Rays, acid rain, road salt, rust, offers scratch protection, a lasting shine, requires less maintenance and has a self-cleaning effect is obviously worth more than the one that just gives a temporary shine. 9H LDC Pro is a permanent paint protection with a 4-5 Micron thickness.

Total Package

Protect & Repel

Advanced ceramic automotive paint coating, which offers not only high durability but most of all superb hydrophobic properties. Unlike other products.

Add Wheel pro to Protect and Repel as its ceramic based. as well

Shine & Strengthen

Enhance or restore your pride and joy with our ultimate paint protection and surface coatings. Designed for new and used vehicles, marine & air craft.

Clean & Refresh

Protect your valuables with this beading technology whilst adding outstanding paint protection to your pride.

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I booked my new Mazda3 in with Always Dry as soon as I organised pick up from the dealership. After hearing bad reviews about other paint protections on the market, I decided to take the chance and go with Always Dry as they have had informative videos and great reviews. I think the biggest compliment I can provide for them is having multiple car enthusiasts and automotive professionals openly tell me is is the best product they have seen in over 20 years. I can't recommend AD enough, they have provided me with great product along with fantastic service.
Jamie Auld, Feedback