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Protection for your Stone Benchtops, Glass Surfaces, Fabric + Leather Sofas

General wear and tear, UV damage, and liquid spills are common place in all of our homes. Without proper protection you risk permanent damage, loss of value, and thousands of dollars in cost for replacement. Our ceramic coatings  help protect your home assets against permanent damage, whilst reducing the required time and effort for cleaning. From stone benchtops, glass fences and surfaces, to fabric and leather sofas. We help keep the value in your home assets.

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Stone Pro Tech

  • Provides extreme protection against stains and chemicals
  • Will not change the appearance, tone or colour of the treated surface
  • Ultra durable surface that will not harbor bacteria or odors
  • Self cleaning surface that makes routine maintenance easier
  • Suitable for matte, semi or full gloss finish, both interior and exterior applications


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Fabric Pro Tech

  • Repels liquids and keeps fabrics dryer

  • Protects fabrics against against stains and dirt build up

  • Extends fabric life

  • Long-lasting washable protection

  • Alcohol based forumla for deeper penetration

  • Maintains breathability of fabrics

  • Resistant to breakdown from UV fading

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Leather Pro Tech

  • Repels liquids and keeps leather dry

  • Protects leather against stains and dirt build up

  • Extends leather life by keeping it cleaner for longer

  • Alcohol based formula for deeper penetration and quick
    drying time

  • Maintains breathability of leather

  • Helps to prevent cracking

  • UV resistant to protect against fading

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Vision Tech

  • Strengthens glass to be 10x more resistance to damage

  • Reduces chips, cracks and has extreme abrasion resistance

  • Reduces glare

  • 10x more water repellent

  • Repels water, dirt, dust, salt, chlorine, and soap scum

  • Save money, chemicals and cleaner

  • Commercial grade

  • Use on Shower glass, Glass pool fencing, and glass splash backs

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