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How to wash your PWC (Personal Water Craft)

How to wash your PWC Do you have a PWC? Its a pleasure craft you have invested in so you should be taking care of […]


Why should I use a quick detail spray?

What is a quick detail spray? Why should you be using 9H LDC Light? Your vehicle and marine crafts exterior are the first things you […]


How much is Paint Protection for a car?

How much is Paint Protection for a car? Many people ask the price first before they ask the benefits. The benefits out way the cost […]


What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

What are the benefits of ceramic coating? Firstly let’s look at what is 9H-LDC PRO 9H-LDC PRO by Always Dry is an advanced ceramic protection coating, […]


Wheel / Rim Protection

  Do your rims let your car appearance down? Are you sick of scrubbing them clean? Getting dirty black hands and nails? Spending money on […]


Which protection should you buy?

NOT ALL PAINT PROTECTIONS ARE THE SAME We know it can be confusing and comforting when you’re purchasing a vehicle and the salesperson walks you to […]


Matte Paint

Matte paint protection – We have you covered. Looking at purchasing the new in style Matte surface finished vehicle or bike? Having trouble finding a […]