What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

June 2, 2017 | Protection
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What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

Firstly let’s look at what is 9H-LDC PRO

9H-LDC PRO by Always Dry is an advanced ceramic protection coating, which offers not only high durability but most of all superb hydrophobic properties. Unlike other products, owing to its content of far beyond 60% SiO2 (Silica), it gives an incredible transparency of the cured coat. It is also totally resistant to any type of chemical with pH between 2 and 11.

The surface of your vehicle or marine craft is the most impressive part. Most importantly, it is the single largest factor while searching a vehicle or boat. Make, model, motor, even price all take a back seat when it comes to quality and colour of your vehicle’s or boat’s finish. Nothing compares to the dramatic, flawless shine of a brand new paint finish. But in reality, it rarely lasts the life of a vehicle. When a vehicle or marine craft looks older, more scratched and worn than it actually is, both pride and resale value are lost. With 9H-LDC Pro keep your new car looking new or rejuvenate an older car.


As you can see below on this brand new vehicle:

The vehicle has been half coated, the left side is deeper, has a glossy shine, reflective finish. The right is dull and paint pours haven’t been filled in, allowing environmental elements to etch and eat away at the paint.



How does it work? 

We have a diagram below of the layers that make up your surface. 9H LDC Pro forms a permanet bond with the clear coat layer, by filling in the pours of the surface.


Diagram 9H LDC-Pro-AMS


BENEFITS  of ceramic coating:

It specifically protects against colour fading, acid rain, tree sap, oxidation, bug splatter, bird droppings, road grime, harmful UV rays, corrosion, hard water stains and light scratches.

Exceptionally high durability: The presence of more than 60% quartz boosts toughness of the cured surface up to 9H hardness.

Incredible hydrophobic effect: The advanced nano technology facilitates water repellency ability, thereby, deterring water bond with the coated surface.

Extreme weather resistant: Irrespective of rain, storm or hot weather, the vehicle continues to retain its original shine due to the protective layer formed by 9H LDC.

Extensive warranty: In comparison to other waxes and polishes, this Liquid Diamond Coating lasts due to its excellent strength. It offers a lifetime warranty on new vehicles, 5 years on a used vehicle and 3 years on a marine craft.

Amazing: 4~5 Micron thick

No more buffing your vehicle or marine craft and waxing it every few months. With 9H LDC Pro you never need to wax again. Save money on car detailing, marine craft maintenance.