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Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.




Our product range includes the following:


 1.1 9H LDC Pro which can be applied to motor vehicles and marine craft;
 1.2 9H LDC Extreme which can be applied to motor vehicles and marine craft;
 1.3 LDC Trim which can be applied to the trim of motor vehicles; and
 1.4 Wheel Pro Tech which can be applied to wheel rims.
 1.5 Lifestyle Protection which can be applied to Marble, Caesarstone, Granite, tap and sink wear, splash backs & new glass.


2.      Fit for application / use by Applicators


We guarantee that the products mentioned in clause 1 of this warranty (hereinafter referred to as “Products”) are fit for the above described applications provided application is undertaken by an approved applicator (hereinafter referred to as “Applicator”). A list of Applicators appears on our website at https://alwaysdry.com.au/authorised-dealers/ and these businesses are independently owned and operated.


3.      Our Guarantee

 3.1 We guarantee that the Products are fit for purpose and meet the description provided on labelling, subject always to both correct application and correct care / maintenance being followed in respect to the vehicle. In the event that a Product is asserted by a consumer to not be fit for purpose or otherwise should it be asserted that the Product not accord with the description then we will either provide a refund in relation to the consideration the consumer paid for the Product or a replacement with a Product fit for purpose and consistent with any description provided by us.

3.2 Replacements or refunds under the Australian Consumer Law only operate as set out in clause 3.1. If a Product is used other than for its intended use or purpose then to the extent permitted by law, we expressly exclude any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss (including for loss of revenue or loss of use or damage) arising from or in any way relating to the purchase or use of the Product.

3.3 The Guarantee in this clause 3 only operates for a Product that has been supplied by us to your Applicator. We do our best to ensure that the Products referred to in this warranty do not sell to anyone other than an Applicator but it is impossible for us to prevent counterfeit Products or ‘grey’ imports of Products. We do warrant our Products to the extent they are in the hands of Applicators and this warranty can only be generated where the details of the Product as entered by an Applicator accord with the details of a Product that we have supplied to that Applicator.

3.4 We do not Guarantee the service supplied by the Applicator. The Applicator should provide a consumer with a guarantee / warranty regarding their workmanship in preparing the surface for application of the Product and applying the Product to that surface with due care and We are independent from the Applicator, we are not responsible for the work performed and we do not warrant the work undertaken by the Applicator.


4.       Guarantee / Warranty for Products not ‘services’ provided by others

 4.1 We do not Guarantee the service supplied by the Applicator.

 4.2 The Applicator should provide a consumer with a guarantee / warranty regarding their workmanship and the consumer should require that as an additional warranty or as a term of their contract with the The workmanship of the Applicator is the preparation of the surface for application of the Product and applying the Product to that surface with due care and skill.

4.3 We are independent from the Applicator. We have provided training, procedures and methods of application to the Applicator but we are not responsible for the workmanship of the Applicator and we do not warrant their workmanship or the service that an Applicator provides to a consumer.


5.      Reason for specialist application / why the Products are not available for end consumer purchase


Applicators do receive training to assess the item / surface to receive the coating, can assist in the selection of the appropriate coating for the purpose intended by the end consumer and then use the correct process associated with the preparation of the surface and the application of the coating. A failure to assess correctly, prepare a surface in the correct way and apply the Product to surface in accordance with training can result in a failure in a Product ‘bonding’. Applicators are trained, they should their own warranty for their service associated with applying the Products and we warrant our Products for the extended periods of time and otherwise subject to the conditions set out within the balance of this warranty only where the coating is applied by an Applicator and subject always to the terms of this warranty.


6.      Variation in time periods for Products


We warrant and stand by our Products but there is variation between motor vehicles and marine craft to which the Products can be applied, there is variation to the paint and paint work and the condition of surfaces which is impacted by time, use and exposure. This is why an Applicator must first assess the surface and this is why there are some differences in time frames for warranty available for our Products having regard to the foregoing factors.


7.      Extended Warranty Registration


In order to be eligible for these “Extended Warranties” the Applicator will register at www.alwaysdry.com.au and the details of the Applicator who coated the surface, the surface coated along with any notes / observed defects, and the Product applied to the surface. The above procedure has resulted in the generation of this Extended Warranty. Such Extended Warranty is in respect to the Products (it does not relate to the service associated with the application of those Products) and the relevant warranty time frames associated with the surfaces coated and respective Products used apply subject to the care obligations at clause 8, the exclusions at clause 9 and the warranty operates only to the extent as set our commitment at clause 10:


7.1 Used Vehicles

The 9H LDC PRO warranty is valid for five (5) years from the date of application.

The 9H LDC Extreme warranty is valid for five (5) years from the date of application.

Matte surfaces coated in 9H LDC Pro only receive a two (2) year warranty from the date of application.


7.2 New Vehicles

The 9H LDC PRO warranty is valid for the lifetime of the vehicle, as long as the vehicle has been coated within thirty (30) days of first registration.

The 9H LDC Extreme warranty is valid for the  lifetime of the vehicle, as long as  the vehicle has been coated within (30) days of first registration.

Matte surfaces coated in 9H LDC Pro receive a two (2) year warranty from the date of application.


7.3 LDC Trim

The LDC TRIM warranty is valid for the two (2) year of the application.


7.4 Wheel Pro Tech

The LDC TRIM warranty is valid for the five (5) year of the application.


7.5 Marine

The 9H LDC PRO warranty is valid for two (2) years from the date of application.

The 9 LDC Extreme warranty is valid for five (5) years when applied to new crafts only.


7.6 Lifestyle Protection

Used surfaces in lifestyle are warranted against future staining, not existing, for 2 years after application by a professional trained applicator.

New surfaces less than 15 days old in lifestyle range are warranted against staining for 3 years after the application by a professional trained applicator.

The word staining is not to be confused with etching.

Staining is a contaminant such as coffee, oil, wine, tea, cooking powders sit on the surface long enough to absorb into the pores of the stone causing the staining effect.

Etching is when an acidic base product such as lemon, vinegar and carbonated drinks, if the acidic base element is left on long enough the surface may need professional re finishing to repair.

A Lifestyle coated surface will remain more water and oil repellent then an untreated surface for the duration of the warranty period. It will not chip, peel, fade or discolour.

Maintenance: The treated surface should be clean with a ph neutral natural cleaning spray. To avoid etching, ensure the surface is cleaned after each use.


In the case of all the time frames set out above the warranty commences from the date of application and the warranty / commitment provided at clause 10 will end once the warranty period expires.


8.  Consumers care and maintenance obligations

 8.1 Once the Product is applied, a consumer must:

8.1.1  Only wash the surface with mild ph neutral soapy water which contains no fillers or wax (Minimal, mild ph neutral soap and water is required to clean the surface, maximising the look and finish of the coated surface);

8.1.2  Only wipe down with a clean microfiber cloth or microfiber chamois;

8.1.3  Immediately when coated surface is in contact with tree sap, bat & bird droppings, apply a very wet cloth to the area and let it sit to soften the object, then wipe it off with the damp cloth, proceed to wash with mild ph neutral soapy water and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

8.1.4  Notify the Applicator of any damage or defect associated with the Product or the application of the Product within fourteen (14) days of becoming aware of such damage or defect and arrange for inspection by the Applicator.


8.2.  Always Dry stocks a ph neutral ceramic safe wash which contains no wax or filling agents which is available for end consumer purchase. We recommend that a consumer use this wash to maintain the hydrophobic finish.


8.3 Bird and/or bat droppings and/or tree sap must be removed from the paint work within 24 hours and removal must occur in the manner described under the consumer care and maintenance obligations at clause 8.1.3.

8.4 Where areas that are treated with a Product are replaced or repaired then those areas will no longer be covered under warranty unless the repaired or re painted area is recoated no earlier than four (4) weeks and no later than six (6) weeks from the date of the repair / re-paint. The cost for this re-application is at the consumers account or the consumers insurance in respect to any claim made and associated with the repair.


9.     Specific Exclusions


The following is expressly excluded from this Extended Warranty:

9.1. Damage caused by collision, vandalism, accidental or malicious damage, fire, hail, rust, stone chips; 

9.2 Vehicle manufacturer defects or anything covered by manufacturer or dealership protection plan or warranty;

9.3 Pre-existing damage to paint surface;

9.4 Mold release;

9.5 Over catalysed Gel coat repairs;

9.6 Untreated areas in the event of a repaint – We recommend a consumer advise their insurance agency that they have paint protection on their vehicle, in the event of an accident so that when the vehicle is repaired then a new coating may be applied. A consumer’s insurance agent needs to contact us to arrange the reapplication of the Product to the newly painted area at their cost or at the consumers cost;

9.7 Damage caused by third party products;

9.8 Loss or damage associated with lost time or use of the motor vehicle or marine craft during fulfillment of any guarantee / warranty commitment;

9.9 Any subsequent alteration of the vehicles surface;

9.10 Improper application of the Product but in such a case a consumer will also have cover from the Applicator in respect to their warranty for their application service.

9.11 If the consumer is deemed to have been careless in maintenance of surface;

9.12 Any damages resulting from improper washing techniques and or wash brushes or tools;

9.13 Using a wash that is no ph neutral or that contains no fillers / or waxes.


10.  Extended Warranty – Our Commitment

10.1 In the event a Product fails to protect the coated surface from the Elements, we have the right at our sole and absolute discretion to, arrange for the repair and re-coat of the damaged area, provided always that the consumer has complied with their care and maintenance obligations and no exclusions as detailed in clause 9 apply. This warranty applies for the respective Extended Warranty periods as apply in clauses 7.1 to 7.5 so far as they relate to the surfaces coated and Products used to coat such surface.

10.2 For the purposes of clause 1 the word “Elements” means oxidation, colour fading, discolouration, loss of gloss, natural environmental fallout, clear coat separation caused by droppings and or tree sap.


11.  Personal and non-transferrable

11.1 Warranties provided hereunder are personal to the end consumer and can’t be transferred, assigned or novated by the consumer to any third parties.


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