How much is Paint Protection for a car?

June 14, 2017 | Protection
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How much is Paint Protection for a car?

Many people ask the price first before they ask the benefits.

The benefits out way the cost dramatically! If you were to buy your vehicle and choose not to protect it, the value of your car would decline quicker, not to mention it won’t shine like a new car. Environmental factors will kick in, and the paint will soon become weathered.


Below is a link to our price table of what we charge at Always Dry. Unlike other brands who bill on the vehicles make and cars worth, our price will always depend on time and product used.  Pricing starts at $975


On our price sheet you will notice a surcharge for Stage 2 and 3 details, below we will explain this.

Most new cars will only need a stage 1 detail before ceramic coating the exterior surface, although some new cars will require a stage 2 detail. Vehicles coming from overseas do have fall out that needs to be removed through a clay decontamination system. Fall out example can be tiny little rust dots all over the freshly painted surface.

What fall out looks like up close:


Stage 3 correction would be used for a vehicles paint that is full of scratches, paint fade, spider webbing and swirl marks.

Spider webbing example:

Benefits of Always Dry 9H LDC Pro paint protection: 

Protects against:

  • Colour fading
  • Acid rain
  • Tree sap
  • Oxidation
  • Bug splatter
  • Brid droppings
  • Road grime
  • Harmful UV rays
  • Corrosion
  • Hard water staining
  • Lights scratches

To ensure your vehicles worth doesn’t decrease quicker then necessary, be sure it’s protected from the elements using 9H LDC Pro by Always Dry Australia.