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Wheel Pro-Tech

Wheel Pro-Tech

Permanent Wheel Protection Ultra Durable Nano Coat

— About Wheel Pro-Tech

Why use Always Dry Wheel PRO-TECH? (Wheel Protection)

Permanent Wheel Protection Ultra Durable Nano Tech Coating

Based on similar technology as our 9H-LDC PRO, Wheel Pro-Tech rim protection by Always Dry forms a permanent chemical bond. By creating an ultra-hard, hydrophobic surface. Wheel Pro-Tech is specially formulated to withstand the extreme heat produced by the braking system of vehicles. It is the best protection for all type of wheels whether standard, Painted, chrome or alloys. Say goodbye to Brake Dust corrosion, say hello to superior wheel rim protection. A cut above all other tyre protection sprays and wheel protection coatings. 

Wheel Pro Tech’s unique, exceptionally fine surface technology and chemical bonding mechanism, its performance is outstanding. The former property gives the coating its excellent stain (brake dust) and contaminant resistance, and the chemical bond formed between the wheel surfaces and makes the coating durable.

Wheel Pro Tech is the ultimate protection against many elements. It’s virtually maintenance free, and use of harsh chemicals to clean wheels is not required. With our self-cleaning effect, you can clean wheels virtually chemical free. In most cases, a mild soap, a microfiber towel and water are all you need to remove the brake dust.

— Benefits
  • 9H Ultra hard ceramic coat
  • Permanent chemical Bond.
  • Extreme heat resistance
  • Protects from brake dust and corrosion.
  • Ultra-durable lasts up to 5 years.
  • Straightforward and Easy application method.
  • Safe for Chrome, Painted or alloys wheels.
  • Repels brake dust, dirt, mud making your rims very easy to keep clean
  • 15ml is sufficient for four rims up to 20″.
  • No more scrubbing your rims with chemicals