9H-LDC Extreme | Paint Protection | Always Dry
9H-LDC Extreme
9H-LDC Extreme

9H-LDC Extreme

Extreme scratch resistance

— About 9H-LDC Extreme

9H-LDC Extreme is dual composite nano ceramic glass coating. 9H-LDC is an anti-static, weather resistant, hydrophobic, ultra-hard coat that shines and protects your vehicle like nothing else.

It works on a molecular level to transform the surface; once applied it forms a super strong chemical bind cross-linking during the curing process. Once treated, your vehicle will repel water, contaminants, and it will maintain highly reflective, hard as diamond shine.

— Benefits

Protection without compromise

  • Permanent Chemical Bond
  • 7 Microns thick
  • 12 Microns thick when applied with 9H LDC Pro
  • Self-healing properties*
  • Extreme scratch resistance
  • Extreme beading/Self-cleaning effect
  • UV and chemical and thermal resistance
  • Enhances Color Depth & adds highly reflective shine
  • Limited availability-Strictly professional use only
  • 9H-LDC Pro + 9H-LDC Extreme = Best Protection money can buy!
  • Ultra Durable- Lifetime warranty *

*It offers a lifetime warranty on new vehicles, five years on a used vehicle and 5 years on a new marine craft.


*Ability to repair fine surface scratches