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    Matte Paint Protection

Matte Paint Protection

Are you looking at purchasing a Matte vehicle and worried how to keep its finish looking good after it leaves the dealership? Or  Are you buying a new Matte vehicle and the dealership has advised they can’t offer paint protection?

9H LDC Pro can coat matte finishes and back it with a warranty.

We can coat matte surfaces without changing the Finish.

Matte Paint Always Dry

Why Buy Paint Protection?

It is the most expensive and most impressive part of your vehicle, Most importantly, it is the single largest factor while selecting a vehicle. Make, Model, Motor, even price all take a back seat when it comes to quality and colour of your vehicle’s finish. Nothing compares to the dramatic, flawless shine of a brand new paint finish. But in reality, it rarely lasts the life of a vehicle. When a vehicle looks older, more scratched and worn than it is, both pride and resale value are lost.

Today’s Automotive industry has adapted new VOC free (Ozone depleting toxic chemicals) eco-friendly water based technology. Although great for our environment, these new environmentally-friendly paints are much softer and scratch easily. Thus, paint protection is needed now more than ever before.

Paint Protection With Super Hydrophobic Effect Always Dry

Always Dry knows the vehicle purchase you are making is an investment, we are here to help protect and prolong the new car feeling.

Our whole product range is applied by top trained industry specific professionals. Whether you are purchasing a complete package to provide the ultimate protection for your vehicle or have a specific package designed to suit your lifestyle, you are safe in knowing the Always Dry product range is backed by warranty.

Smart Investment that pays back!
No Waxing
Better Shine
Less Cleaning
Less Scratches
Less Maintenance
Better Resale Value

The Last Car Coat You Will Ever Need!
Our Products can be used to protect:
Protect your vehicle from top to bottom and inside through to out.
Water Craft
Water Craft
UV & Corrosion resistant, watch the water repel off.
your ride is also now safe in all weather.
Glass is porous, you can now strengthen assist and repel the salt and soap.
Shoes & Accessories
Shoes & Accessories
Keeps shoes & handbags clean & dry in any weather conditions.

Interested in protecting your Matte paintwork or the entire car? Checkout these packages

Car Protection Package
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